Fourth-year students can participate in a four-week experience in emergency medicine, which includes a clinical emergency department experience at Orange Park Medical Center and Park West Free Standing Emergency Department.

  Under faculty supervision, students see a spectrum of undifferentiated and undiagnosed patients, and participate in rapid assessment and treatment of a variety of problems. Students hone their skills in history taking, physical examination, problem solving, and effective use of clinical resources.

  The emergency medicine experience exposes students to types and stages of illnesses not previously encountered in the hospital, clinic, or office, as well as the workings of the pre-hospital emergency medical services system, patient triage, and disaster planning. 

An Elective is also available in emergency ultrasound. There is also a two week selective experience for interested third years


Shilpa Amin, MD

Clerkship Director

Audition Rotation Block Dates for 2021-2022 Academic Year​

7/5 - 7/30

8/2 - 8/27

8/30 - 9/24

9/27 - 10/22

10/25 - 11/19

11/29 - 12/24

How To Apply Through Clinician Nexus

1. Make a profile

2. Select "Find Clinical Experiences" in left hand menu 

3. Choose "Audition" in the Experience Type drop down

4. Choose "Emergency Medicine" in the Specialties drop down

5. Enter "Orange Park" in the Keyword box

6. Select the rotation date which works the best for your schedule and proceed with the application.


Q: Why can't I find your rotation even though I followed the above steps are directed?

A: If you cannot find our rotation, then at this moment we are not accepting rotators from your medical school although we are working to expand our availability in the future.

Q: Do you have a minimum USMLE/COMLEX score required for an audition rotation?

A: Yes. Minimums are 210 for USMLE Step 1 and 470 for COMLEX Level 1. Please keep in mind that these are the minimums required for a rotation at Orange Park and this doesn't necessarily guarantee a rotation. 

More Questions regarding our EM Clerkship?

Please email our Medical Student Coordination Jen Gurganus at Jennifer.Gurganus@hcahealthcare.com