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Rotation Curriculum

Emergency Medicine
Our ED training sites allow exposure to diverse pathology as well as a diverse patient population. Our sites offer a real-world training model in that we see patients of all ages without a division of clinical responsibility. This model allows our residents a training experience that is representative of most community Emergency Departments across the United States. 

Medical ICU
Our Medical Intensive Care Units offer our residents the opportunity to care for high acuity and medically complex patients. The PGY-1 rotation serves as the foundation for for their critical care experience where residents learn the basics of ventilator management, shock, and other key components of critical care. The PGY-2 rotation allows our residents to take a more autonomous role where they work primarily night shifts responding to inpatient codes as well as new admissions from the Emergency Department. The PGY-3 rotation occurs in our sister hospital, Memorial Hospital Jacksonville, where our residents are given even more responsibility while they continue to hone their critical care skills.

Our Level 2 Trauma Center exposes our residents to a wide variety of Trauma Pathology. During their dedicated Trauma month as a PGY-2, they work as a part of the Trauma team, responding to Trauma Alerts as well as managing complex trauma patients in the Trauma ICU. Residents in our program also benefit from a longitudinal trauma experience as they take part in the care of trauma patients during their EM blocks starting as early as PGY-1.

Pediatric ICU
Our residents rotate at the Wolfson Children's Hospital PICU in downtown Jacksonville where they learn how to take care of critically ill children. This month serves as a cornerstone in our residents pediatric educations. Under the supervision of Pediatric Critical Care Specialists, our residents gain the breadth of knowledge needed to take care of sick children in the emergency department. 

Pediatric EM
Aside from treating pediatric patients throughout their shifts at Main, Park West, and Normandy Park, our residents also rotate at the Wolfson Children's Hospital Emergency Department. This rotation allows our residents to experience the clinical environment of a dedicated pediatric emergency department in Jacksonville's only full-service tertiary hospital that serves NE Florida, South Georgia, and beyond. 

The ultrasound rotation is a critical component of our resident's training. Under the direction of our Ultrasound Fellowship-trained faculty, residents learn everything needed to masterfully utilize and incorporate Emergency Ultrasound into their daily practice. 

Residents on their EMS rotation gain a greater sense of pre-hospital care. They also work closely with Clay County Fire and Rescue as well as the Orange Park Fire Department and participate in ride alongs. Our residents are also afforded the opportunity to teach certain aspects of emergency care to our pre-hospital colleagues like ultrasound and other topics of emergency care.

Residents are given the opportunity during their elective month to pursue their own interests. Elective options available at Orange Park include: Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Interventional Pain Management, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Hospice/Palliative care, Trauma Ortho, Radiology, Critical Care/Pulm, Heme/Onc, Anesthesia, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Simulation, Ultrasound, Administration.
lective options not listed above are also considered on a case by case basis.

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